Our Church History

Loudonville United Methodist Church 1910

History of Loudonville United Methodist Church

The original M.E. Church was organized by Rev. Elmore Yocum in the first years of the new Loudonville community in the dawning 1800’s.  This was the first church at the founding of the Loudonville community.  This young church met first in a warehouse, later in the early schoolhouse, and finally building the first church in town, called (conveniently) “First Church”, which was built in 1838 for a cost of $75.  The current sanctuary was built in 1902 as the ‘Methodist Episcopal Church’- with the educational/office wing added in 1962.  The church, and its congregation, have seen a long history of changes… while always retaining the same purpose to serve Jesus Christ.  A proud and strong Methodist Spirit continues in this community of faith, having celebrated 175 years of Methodism in 2009.  The Loudonville UMC continues to live the Word and reach out in service and mission to transform the world for the glory of God!