The Rev. Kenneth Curren

The Rev. Kenneth Curren

Senior Pastor

Introducing Pastor Kenneth Curren
I believe the purpose of theology is the interpretation of the Old and New Testament, historical doctrine, and the denomination’s doctrines and beliefs. I believe in God, the creator and sustainer of life, whose divine nature is more than we can now comprehend. I believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, who is both divine and human in nature. He came to earth, died for our sins, and was raised the third day. I believe in the Holy Spirit, who pours out God’s grace, guides and directs us. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit share a single, divine substance, who are distinct yet there is equality in the Trinity. I believe that the nature of the church is the community of all believers, and the mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Personal Background

Born in Wooster in 1967, upon graduation Kenn pursued his love of carpentry and boats. This has transitioned to cabinet and furniture making. His wife Betty is retired Ohio BMV Examiner. Kenn and Betty both love the outdoors. He has two adult children, Shoshana and Jeremiah.

Faith Journey and call to Ministry

Until the age of sixteen, Kenn’s family was practicing Jehovah’s Witnesses. At eighteen he started attending the Seville Advent Church. As he became involved in youth activities and worship services, the pastor explained the scriptures and Christian beliefs whereupon Kenn accepted Christ and was baptized.

After a time of personal challenges and absence from church, Kenn’s mother invited him to join her at Wooster UMC. He said it felt like “coming home”. As the pastor discipled Kenn; encouraging him into the life of the church, he began to grow in his faith. Soon thereafter, he returned from a Walk to Emmaus weekend as the “prodigal son,” acknowledging that only Christ’s love and forgiveness could fill his emptiness.

As he began to discern the direction God would have for him, he served in outreach and practiced hospitality. He attended leadership trainings, prayer meetings and served on church committees. All this aided in his understanding of the role of the church and development of self. As he led Disciple Bible Study, taught Sunday school, and occasionally served in pulpit supply, he began to sense a calling into the pastoral ministry.

While attending Licensing School and listening to 34 other “call stories,” Kenn realized everyone struggles with accepting the call placed upon their lives. Putting aside his doubts, he has fully and faithfully followed God into ministry.

  • Triway High School (Wayne Co. Vocational School) 1985
  • The Landing School of Boat Building and Design (1986)
  • Licensing School (2009) Completed Course of Study (2015)
  • Ohio Christian University (2019) Assoc of Arts Degree
  • Currently taking classes for Bachelors in Human Science
Documented Service Record
  • Holmesville & Mt. Hope (2008–2014)
  • Apple Creek (2014–2020)
  • Loudonville & Lakeville (2020-present)
Secular Work Experience
  • Self employed–Carpentry (2004–Present)
  • Yukon Custom Cabinets (1999–2004)
  • Azusa Truck Rental & Auto Body (1995–1999)
  • Various Boat Building and Repair Companies (1987–1995)
Ministry and Leadership
  • Walk to Emmaus (2000)
  • Stephen Ministry training leader (2006–present)
  • Three Rivers District Superintendency Committee
  • FAMLP District Coordinator
  • Canal District Finance Committee
  • Using Single-Board Church Model at current appointment
Strengths For Ministry
  • Visitation
  • Teaching
  • Community ministries