Church Committee Reports

Important Information

Holiday Services

This year, Advent starts on Sunday, November 28, 2021. Communion will be offered that Sunday, instead of on the first Sunday in December this year. Our holiday services are as follows:

All Saints Day: November 7th

We will celebrate with the lighting of a candle for all those who have passed since last November.

Christ the King/Hanging of the Greens: November 21

Hanging of the Greens will take place after the service on November 21. Please plan to help with decorating for Advent and Christmas.

Advent Candle Wreath Lighting: November 28-December 24

Readers are needed each Sunday of Advent and on Christmas Eve. Readers will have a script to follow with instructions for approaching the candle wreath, leading the Litany, reading the Scripture lesson, lighting the Advent candle(s), and leading the prayer. Lighting the Advent candle wreath is a perfect Advent activity for a family. Please sign up on the clipboard in the Overflow.

Christmas Poinsettias: Order by November 14, displayed December 19– 26

Poinsettias are available to order for display on our altar the Sundays immediately before and after Christmas. For those who order poinsettias, they may be taken home after the December 26 worship service.

Cantata: There will be a cantata on December19. Plan to attend and bring your friends and family.

Christmas Eve Service: December 24

Our Christmas Eve service will be Friday, December 24, at 7pm. It will be live-streamed on Facebook for those who cannot attend.

Epiphany/Unhanging of the Greens: January 2

We start January with the service celebrating Epiphany on Sunday, January 2, 2022. After this service we will be unhanging the greens.

Ad Council Report

Chair, Cheryl R.

Submitted by: Rhonda C.

1. Committee decided to this year support 2 of the 6 special Sundays that UMC celebrates. Special offering will be taken for both.
World Communion Sunday Oct. 3
UMCOR Sunday March 27

2. Special offering would be collected to send money to support Haiti after the recent hurricane disaster. $75. was sent.

3. We will be participating in Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Box collection Nov. 15-22. More details to follow.

4. Cleveland Food Bank needs more volunteers to help pass out food on the 3rd Friday of each month at LHS field house.

5. We are preparing an application for organizations to submit for funding request when we distribute the Wetzel Endowment Funds.

A huge thank you to Judy Burgess for the adorable dollhouse that she built and donated to the church nursery. Judy said that she never had a dollhouse as a child and was given this kit as a Christmas gift. After assembling it, she wanted to share it with the children from our church. It has been a great addition as the children use the house and dolls to act out the important roles of family members.

Education Committee Report

chair Linda M.

Rally Day 2021
submitted by Rhonda C.

The Education Committee will be holding a Sunday School Rally Day on September 12th. The children and youth currently attending Sunday school will be recognized during the worship service. After worship, join us in the classrooms for cookies and see the exciting things we are learning.

The youngest members of our church family will be invited to come with their parents to see the nursery classroom. Then on September 19th, a class for ages 2 through 5 will begin in the nursery from 10-10:25am each Sunday. We will teach a short lesson from the Beginner’s Bible, which include a video and songs.

The Elementary Sunday school class will continue learning with the Celebrate Wonder curriculum, while the tween Sunday school class will begin the Absolute Basics of the Christian Faith curriculum with Pastor Kenn as the first part of their confirmation study.

Plan on supporting the children and youth of our church on Rally Day!

Finance Committee Report

chair Barb B.


Apportionment article Submitted by: Robin H.
As we complete our investigation into the East Ohio Conference Apportionment Funds — and our local church obligation to apportionments — here is some information about Fund 5, the Education Fund.

This East Ohio Conference fund has been decreased over $300,000 since 2020, mainly due to unpaid shared ministry funds. When churches don’t pay their apportionments, the Conference must cut budgets. The original budget for 2020 was $824,264, but paid apportionments fell short, so the budget was cut to $688,260. For 2022, the budget has been set at $514,746, but is expected to end up with only $401,746 to spend on ministerial education and recruitment, the Black Colleges Fund and Africa University. That’s a disturbing trend, especially since we have a shortage of United Methodist clergy.

Approximately half ($256,539 for 2020) of the entire budget of this fund goes to ministerial education and recruitment. The remainder goes to the Black Colleges Fund and Africa University.

I found some interesting information in “The Financial Commitment of the United Methodist Church 2017 – 2020,” approved by the 2016 General Conference, regarding the Black Colleges Fund and Africa University. According to the booklet, “The 1972 General Conference established the Black College Fund as one of the apportioned general Church funds. The objective of the fund is to provide financial support for institutions of higher education that have historically served the educational needs of black students. This support helps the institutions maintain academic quality and financial stability while limiting individual student tuition costs. More than $285 million has been raised to assist the programs and ministries of these schools since the Fund was established.” The East Ohio Conference’s apportionment for this part of the Education Fund is set at $118,554 for 2020. I don’t believe that student loans and scholarships are included in this line item, as the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry asserts that funding for those come primarily from Special Sunday giving, endowments, annuities and wills.

Again, according to “The Financial Commitment” booklet, “The 1988 General Conference approved a report of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (“GBHEM”) providing for the establishment of a United Methodist university on the continent of Africa. By the time the 1992 General Conference convened, the site selection process was complete, the Zimbabwe Annual Conference had gifted the university with a large tract of land on which to establish the main campus, and the university had been granted a charter by the government of Zimbabwe. On March 23, 1992, the College of Theology and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources opened on a site near Old Mutare to 40 students from six African Countries.” Today, there are over 2400 students on campus at Africa University, and the East Ohio Conference has budgeted $26,653 for its support in 2020. Recognizing a definite need, Bishop Malone launched an East Ohio Conference mission initiative, called the Teach, Reach, Bless Campaign, to raise $1.5 million to build and furnish a dorm for 90 female students. At Annual Conference this year, we learned that “The Rev. Bill and Marty McFadden have offered a generous challenge gift of up to $250,000 to accelerate collection of the nearly $1 million still needed before ground can be broken on campus and building can begin on the new dormitory. The Teach • Reach • Bless campaign will receive from the McFaddens $1 for every $3 donated from any source during the 2021 calendar year.” If you would like to further this endeavor, you may get more information and donate at www.eocumc/teachreachbless. Pay particular attention to the video on that page, as it answers many questions you may have.

Lay Leader Committee Report

vice-chair Ted D.

​​No report submitted for September.

Memorial Committee Report

chair Nancy H.

No report submitted for September.

Missions Committee Report

chair Rhonda C.

Submitted by: Rhonda C.

It’s time to shop for the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes!
Materials and shoeboxes will be available in the overflow in October. We only have until Nov. 14 to get them packed. The boxes will then be taken to Ashland Trinity to be sent on their journey. 

You can choose to shop for a girl or boy and choose the age range: 2-4 years old, 5-9 years old, or 10-14 years old. If you want to help but not fill a shoebox, you can make a donation to cover the shipping costs. Each box costs $9 to process. Pick up the “How to Pack a Shoebox” flier for more ideas and details. 

This can be an important learning time for families to do together. As your child shops for a child in another part of the world and realizes that a toothbrush and hair ribbons may be the best presents that they receive, they gain an understanding of how to share God’s love and joy with others.


Submitted by: Rhonda C.

We will be taking a special offering for World Communion Sunday on Oct 3. Please mark your envelope or check with WCS or use the special envelope provided. Envelopes will be by the bulletins.
W hat is World Communion Sunday?
World Communion Sunday is one of six church-wide Special Sundays with offerings of The United Methodist Church. World Communion Sunday calls the church to reach out to all people and model diversity among God’s children. The special offering provides World Communion Scholarships, the Ethnic Scholarship Program and the Ethnic In-Service Training Program.
When did it start?
According to the 1972 Book of Discipline paragraph 163.b there shall be a World Communion (formerly Fellowship of Suffering and Service) offering to support the division of chaplains and ministries, Crusade Scholarships and the scholarship fund for minority groups. (copied from

Outreach/Nurture Committee Report

chair Jackie T.

Submitted by:Robin H.

Lasagna Supper

We served 145 meals at our Lasagna Supper during the Loudonville Fair. It was the first time we’ve ever served outside, but thanks to our wonderful parishioners who donated canopies and lights, it was a cozy atmosphere for our diners. We had some people who chose to take the meal home, too. There was very little food left over, and the committee thanks all those who helped in any way to make it a successful fundraiser for our church. We had a generous donation to cover all our expenses, so the entire $1013.50 taken in during the meal has been put into the General Fund.


Community Meal

The Community Meal menu for the next meals are:

Nov. 15, traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Dec. 6, Brats, German potato salad, Dessert.

Dec. 20, Ham, Sweet potatoes, corn muffins, Candy Cane Cake.


Paid Scrip Orders

Paid Scrip orders are due Sun., Nov. 28 and the cards will be delivered by Sun., Dec. 12. There are some small denomination gift cards available for a limited time. New this year is the ability to order using the RaiseRight app on your smart phone. Many of the retailers allow you to order a physical card to be delivered to your address, but most of the retailers will deliver an eCard to your phone, which you can scan at the retailer to pay OR you can forward it to another person using screenshot on your phone. My advice is to use your checking account for this app, as it only costs 15 cents per order, while using a credit card will cost you 3% of total order. The best part of this app is that you can order gift cards whenever you wish!


Coffee Half Hour

We would like to have our Coffee Half Hour before Sunday services again during Advent this year. There is a signup sheet in the overflow area if you’d like to bring home-baked goodies to share with the congregation.

Permanent Endowment Report

chair Walt B.
No report submitted for September.

Staff Parish Relations Committee Report

chair Cindy M.
​No report submitted for September.

Trustees Report

chair Kevin D.

For the Record
The heretofore annual $10,000 Roth bequest (managed by Finance and Permanent Endowment Committees by act of Charge Conference 2018) was not received in 2020.

Pastor Kenn met with a security specialist and secured a bid for cameras and a buzzer system for the church (see details in the Finance Committee Report). Two additional bids will be required before the Trustees can choose a contractor to recommend to Ad Council that the work be done.

Kevin D. requested a bid for boiler repair. If the bid exceeds $300, two additional bids will be scheduled. Repair work needs to be completed before heat can be turned on. 

The septic at Parsonage was pumped in August.

The well water at the Parsonage will be tested this month to see if the rented, reverse-osmosis system can be removed.

Kevin D. secured a snow removal contractor for 2021-2022 season.

Steve H. will be investigating lower contract pricing for Church and Parsonage gas and electric utilities.

Steve H. and Ken F. will remove castors from the new refrigerator to stabilize it in its current location at Community Meal Team’s request.

​Trustees and SPR will be scheduling the annual Parsonage inspection before the next Trustees meeting.

Continued Improvements
Pastor Kenn and Betty continue to pour out of their own pockets and time to improve the church and parsonage. This month, they ordered and replaced the bulbs and batteries in all the emergency exits and emergency lighting throughout the church. Betty painted the railing at the Fellowship Hall—Sanctuary stairway. They had the stumps ground at the parsonage, installed the beautiful Dutch doors between the Nursery and Crib Room, and Pastor Kenn met with a security expert and got the first bid for installing a security camera/door buzzer in the church. Please let both Pastor Kenn and Betty know how much we appreciate the work that they do for our church!

Thanks go to Gail H. for installing the new, much more efficient lighting fixture in the Multi-Use Office. 

Thanks go to Gene and Nancy H. for hiring a gardener to care for the church’s flower beds. They look so nice and will look even better next year.

Continued thanks goes to Karen Mc. for cleaning the high-traffic areas, including the rest rooms, on the weeks that Green Country Cleaning isn’t here.

If you’d like to volunteer to paint, clean, fix, or purchase anything for the benefit of the church, please see a Trustee.

Safe Sanctuary Policy Updates
The Trustees and Education Committees are strongly urged to submit their markups of the current Safe Sanctuary draft so that it can be finalized to present to Ad Council in September. See Pastor Kenn with questions or concerns.

Cleaning Volunteers Needed
Spot cleaning of the bathrooms and high-touch/high-traffice areas is required between our twice-monthly Green Country Cleaning services. Volunteers are needed for this 1-2 hour/week job. Trustees will consider contracting Green Country Cleaning for service every week, at an additional cost of about $4,800/year, if there are not enough volunteers.

Worship Committee Report

chair Gene H.

submitted by Barb B.

Do you love to sing? We would love to have you join us. Choir practice will begin at 5:15 pm on Tuesdays, beginning September 7th, and we warm up at 10:10am on Sunday mornings before worship. We are a fun group and would really love to have you join us. Have not sung in a while? No worries, we are all rusty—let’s warm up those pipes together.

Children’s Busy Bags
Thanks go to the donor of new toys and supplies for our children’s busy bags. As soon as the Bishop has cleared us for sharing communion at the rail or passing the offering plate, the bags can be reintroduced for use in the Sanctuary during worship services.

Announcements and Event and Serving Schedules
submitted by Susan D.

Starting August 22nd, announcements and event and serving schedules will be available on our Facebook page and website as we strive to be good stewards of our resources (paper and printer). Announcements and events will continue to be highlighted by the liturgist each week prior to worship, but copies will not be included in the printed bulletin.

Church Historian's Report

Historian Lynn S.

Submitted by: Lynn S.

I agree with a member of our congregation who suggested it might be fun to profile past ministers in this newsletter. November, the month we salute our veterans, seems the perfect time to feature Rev. Merlin Vining and his wife Verna who faithfully served the Loudonville church from July 1958 until July 1964.

Rev. and Mrs. Vining were busy people. The sanctuary overflowed and the average Sunday School attendance was over 160 each Sunday. When they arrived here, the church was in early planning stages of building a new educational wing to accommodate our membership. During their tenure, they saw that addition dedicated. They served as advisors for the Methodist Youth Fellowship and thrived on serving the children. In 1962, for instance, Rev. Vining confirmed 14 youth (including myself!) and baptized 16 children on Easter morning.

Pam Rader Swain provided a fascinating profile of Rev. Vining in the April 14, 1960 issue of The Redbird, a monthly publication of Loudonville High School. After his first year of ministerial training, Rev. Vining enlisted in the Army. He was taken prisoner by the Nazis during WWII’s Battle of the Bulge and held in a concentration camp until the war ended.

Rev. Vining related to Pam that the buildings “resembled race horse barns. All the windows were boarded up and there was no heat or electricity. We slept on shelves. Groups of men huddled together to share bodily warmth. Barley soup or grass soup, black bread and tea comprised our one daily meal.” During his tenure, a misguided RAF bomb hit the camp on Christmas Eve, 1944. Many of his friends were killed.

He finished the interview by saying, “I had a sense of peace only when I preached to the other men to help them find strength.” When Rev. Vining was finally released from the camp he weighed only 90 pounds. But he knew that spiritually he had found his life’s work. Today, Rev. Vining remains an inspiration to those who knew him.

He died, retired from the ministry, in Delaware, Ohio September 5, 2002. Verna preceded him in death in 1989.

Membership Secretary's Report

Membership Secretary

Membership was down to 167 (from 168 in 2020 and 170 in 2019) with 4 new members and 5 deaths over the period 07/01/2020 to 06/30/2021.

Nila Thewlis’ membership transfer was complete, and she was received into LUMC on 07/25/2021. Welcome Nila!