Loudonville United Methodist Church Calendar

Celebrations and Serving


All events, building use, and other important dates are in our online calendar. Meeting dates and times, due dates, and event dates and times are published in the weekly worship bulletin and monthly newsletter. Committee chairs will contact committee members and the Office with any last-minute changes.

To request use of the church facilities, please submit the appropriate form(s) to the church Office. Once reviewed and approved by the Trustees, your event will be added to the calendar. Questions? Please call or email the Office.

Our Church Family


December Celebrations


12/03 GENE & NANCY H.


12/19 Scott & Angela S.

12/30 DAN & CAROL S.


12/01 Nancy S.

12/01 MARK L.

12/03 WENDY Z.

12/04 Drew B.

12/05 CHERYL R.

12/05 Keith B.

12/07 RODNEY S.

12/08 RUTH N.

12/09 SANDY W.

12/09 Kameron P.

12/14 TRACEY B

12/15 NORMAN D.

12/18 DICK H.

12/18 DARREL S.

12/19 RHONDA C.

12/26 Benjamin T.

12/26 JOHN C.

12/26 LINDA P.

12/26 HEATHER B.



Serving in Worship


12/05 Gene H.
12/12 Jim & Sharon B.

12/19 Jackie T.
12/26 David & Evelyn T.

12/05 Henry T.

12/12 Grayson O.

12/19 Henry T.

12/26 Grayson O.


12/05 Walt B.

12/12 Ted D.

12/19 Robin H.

12/26 Cindy M.


Communion Stewards
Dec. John and Mary Lou G.